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How did I get to this Website?

If you know me I am constantly switching my mind and always looking at what is next! In the past 14 days I have started my YouTube Channel, I have been doing Squatober by Sorinex and I wanted a way to reach and help more people. I figured that this is the way!

Why the website?

Ever since I went on my fitness Journey I have constantly been asked about what I did for my transformation, how I got here and what they need to do to be there. Through this website I hope to reach all those people who have questions regarding health and fitness and help them accomplish their coals through online training.

What programs will I offer?

Through this website I will offer a bunch of different programs and volleyball events! From personalized programs, set 1-2 month programs and even free monthly challenges to bring a community together through Fitness! please go to my challenges to find what program is best for you!

You can also sign up for my in person jump training that I do at VolleyHawaii and any volleyball clinics that I will do!

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